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Clear aligners

Clear Aligners

What is a clear aligner?

Clear aligners are an affordable and effective way of straightening your teeth to give you the perfect smile in a relatively short space of time.

Clear aligners are a series of virtually invisible aligners which gradually move your teeth into a perfect alignment.

The invisible braces work by only concentrating on the front 6 to 8 teeth allowing correction of mild to moderate problems. The braces work very quickly usually in under 24 weeks, making it a non-destructive and affordable way to have straighter teeth.

What does the package include?

Initial clear aligner assessment

Fitting of the aligner

All review appointments for fitting subsequent aligners

The final aligner is used as a retainer that is worn at night

What is the procedure?

Initial assessment to check suitability – 20 minutes

Impressions of the upper and lower arch, and pre-treatment photographs – 20 minutes

Fitting of the aligner two weeks after impression appointment – 20 mins

2 weeks later fit appointment for the next aligner – this is repeated until the final aligner is fit

Once the patient is happy with the position of the teeth the final aligner is worn as a retainer at night

What is the cost?

Pearl Dental are offering these aligners at 150/per aligner – the lab will determine the number of aligners required for alignment

There is also an initial £42.50 assessment cost


How many aligners will I need?

All cases are different and a patient wanting straighter teeth using this method would need to attend the practice for a consultation where the dentist can advise how many aligners would be needed. Some simpler cases can be completed using only 2-3 aligners.

How long will it take for my teeth to be straighter?

Again as all cases are different the length of time it would take is dependent on how many retainers are required. Some simple cases can be completed using only 2 – 3 aligners and therefore treatment would be completed within 6 weeks.

Will the retainers affect my speech?

The clear aligners are very thin and therefore will not affect your speech.