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Crowns and veneers

Crowns and veneers are used to give strength to a tooth or to improve the appearance of one or more teeth.

Our crowns and veneers are made using the very best materials to ensure not only are they strong but they also look very natural as they do not contain any metal.

Narinder has completed multiple smile makeovers using crowns and veneers with patients being extremely happy with their final results.

Consultation £35.00

Crowns from £400.00

Veneers from £400.00

Same day crowns

Pearl Dental now has the ability to provide patients with same day crowns. Patients would attend a morning appointment for the preparation of the crown, where a special camera would be used to scan the prepared teeth into a computer system. This is then submitted to the laboratory who will then use these images to create your crowns. This new technique also eliminates the need for dental impressions which some patients can find quite uncomfortable. The patient would then need to attend the practice in the afternoon to have the permanent crown cemented in place.

Prices From 400.00