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Improper gum and dental hygiene can lead to a host of issues such as the formation of plaque and tartar around the teeth and gum lining, which can not only lead to cavities and foul breath but also gum disease.

By making regular visits to a professional gum hygienist in Bradford, you can enjoy good oral health all year round.

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Why is Dental Hygiene So Important?

The overall condition of your oral and especially gum hygiene determines if you will be a likely candidate for dental diseases or not.

When good gum hygiene is maintained on a daily basis, you are keeping yourself far away from the possibility of developing periodontal diseases and other oral conditions which can wreak havoc on your gum and tooth health.

Our experienced Bradford dental hygienist will recommend when you need professional teeth cleanings and complete oral exams to ensure your gum health is in check at all times. In addition, he/she will advise you on maintaining good oral care habits. Contact us now to book an appointment.

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Dental Hygienist FAQs

Why is maintaining gum/oral hygiene so important?

Older adults lose more teeth as a result of gum diseases than cavities. The best way to prevent this is not only through regular brushing and flossing but also by observing good oral hygiene practices. Our Bradford dental hygiene therapist will recommend the right preventive measures after conducting an oral exam.

How often do I need a dental hygiene session?

It is highly recommended that you have your gums examined and cleaned at least once a year – our dental hygienist may recommend more frequent checkups according to your current oral health.

How do I know if I’m suffering from gum disease?

Regular visits to your dental hygienist are critical for ruling out gum disease. However, typical symptoms may include a sticky and colourless residue on the teeth and gums. In addition, inflamed and bleeding gums, including persistent bad breath, are also symptoms.

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