Combination whitening -

Combination whitening

What is combination whitening?

Combination whitening is a combination of the zoom whitening and home whitening.

Patients who opt for this type of whitening will receive the benefit of an instant whiter smile but will also have the option to top up and maintain their smile with the home whitening system.

What does the package include?

Initial assessment

4 x 15min zoom whitening – 90 min procedure

Custom made upper and lower whitening trays

A set of 4 tubes of whitening gel that needs to be refrigerated


What is the procedure?

Initial assessment to check suitability – 20 minutes

Protection of the soft tissues and gums with gels and a retraction mask

Application of gel to teeth + use of the LED light on the teeth for 15 minutes

Removal of the gel and application of a new coat of gel – this is repeated a further 2 times

Once treatment is completed removal of all the protection materials

Impressions of the upper and lower arch

Fitting of the whitening trays usually after 2 days

Wear the trays daily or as required until the desired shade is reached

What is the cost?

Consultation required £42.50

Combination whitening £550.00