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At Pearl Dental we have two motivated and enthusiastic hygienists who will care for your gum health and provide you with the treatment and information you need to improve your dental health.

Guided Biofilm Therapy – The Gold Standard of Dental Hygienist Treatment

Why a visit to our hygienist is no longer a simple scale and polish!

Pearl Dental is proud to offer Guided Biofilm Therapy. This gold standard treatment in professional tooth cleaning is provided using the EMS Prophylaxis Master system.

So, what is Biofilm? Biofilm is plaque that is invisible to the naked eye. Guided Biofilm Therapy enables us to highlight the biofilm, using a two-tone disclosing agent to enable our hygienists to be guided in 100% removal from all aspects of the mouth. Being able to see the areas in which biofilm is present also enables our hygienists to be able to help their patients modify their brushing techniques and be able to remove as much biofilm as possible at home on a daily basis.

Dental biofilm is the main factor for dental decay, gum disease and peri-implant infections. Periodontitis can increase the risk of systematic diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, arthritis and diabetes. Regular oral hygiene combined with professional measures such as Guided Biofilm Therapy keeps biofilm under control for better oral and systematic health.

The EMS Prophylaxis Master is a pain free system, which uses warm water and powder to remove biofilm and staining from both the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Hardened calculus deposits are then removed using the scaler attachment. Guided Biofilm Therapy is clinically effective for cleaning gums where advanced gum disease is present and is also safe to use around dental implants. This treatment is suitable for even the most nervous and anxious of patients. The pain free system and warm water ensures that treatment is comfortable, even for those with sensitivity.

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Regular appointments with our hygienist alongside effective oral hygiene at home helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The hygienist will remove stains from the teeth but cannot change the natural shade of a tooth this can only be done with professional teeth whitening.

All patients require different levels of hygiene treatment and some may require more frequent visits with the hygienist. Each patient will be assessed individually on their dental health and a detailed plan put together including how many appointments are needed, and how regular they will need to attend for maintenance appointments. This will be reviewed at each visit.

Hygienist Visit £65.00

Airflow Polishing

Airflow polishing is an advanced system used at Pearl Dental to remove tooth staining which can be caused by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and also red wine.

Airflow polishing is a great way to remove staining for special occasions or even for patients who are wanting to have professional whitening completed.

A high-powered air flow polishing treatment is used to remove stains on the surface and in-between the teeth. This is followed by a complementary high-gloss polish using a diamond polishing paste.

The treatment is provided in a 30-minute appointment and is completely pain-free. Patients will leave the practice with a healthy and brighter smile.

Air polishing £80.00