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Home Teeth whitening

What is home teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe way to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, especially if you live near us in Bradford

What does the package include?

Custom-made upper and lower whitening trays

A set of 4 tubes of Boutique whitening gel that needs to be refrigerated

What is the procedure?

Initial assessment to check suitability – 20 minutes

Impressions of the upper and lower arch, and pre-treatment photographs – 20 minutes

Fitting of the whitening trays usually after 2 days

Wear the trays daily or as required until the desired shade is reached

What is the cost?

Consultation required £42.50

Home whitening £295.00


Will my teeth be sensitive or painful?

Some patients do report sensitivity when whitening their teeth using the home whitening system however this can be eased by using a sensitive toothpaste and having a break from using the trays and gels for a few days.

How long will it take for my teeth to whiten?

You will see a difference after just one application but how quick it will take to reach the result you want will depend on the shade of your teeth at the start of the whitening process and how often you wear the trays and gel. Most people will reach their desired shade within 14 days.

Are the trays uncomfortable to wear?

The trays we provide are very slim but some patients do find them difficult to tolerate at first. We offer 2 different types of gel for this reason. One which is to be kept in contact with the teeth for 90 minutes a day, this gel is the more popular option and is good for people who cannot tolerate keeping the trays in for a long period of time. These can be worn during the day or evening at a convenient time for the patient. The other type of gel works over a longer space of time and is used overnight requiring the patient to sleep in the trays. Both gels work to the same effect and it is up to the patient’s personal choice as to which one they would like to use.

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