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Invisalign® GO is now available at Pearl Dental

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign GO is the newest member to the Invisalign family, offering straighter teeth in sometimes as little as 3 months.

Invisalign Go utilises virtually invisible clear and removable aligners to gently shift your teeth into position and gradually straighten your teeth over time.

How Does It work?

Make an appointment with us for an Invisalign Go consultation

We assess and evaluate your suitability for Invisalign Go

Congratulations! You are a “GO”

We take records of your current teeth

We present you with your Invisalign Go treatment plan

Invisalign Go treatment launch

Wear the clear aligners for 20-22 hours per day

Remove the clear aligners to eat, brush and floss

Replace the clear aligners every 1-2 weeks according to your customised treatment plan

We monitor your treatment

Invisalign Go treatment completed

You achieve your perfect smile!

Benefits of Invisalign® clear aligners

Almost invisible

Removable: Take your aligners out to eat, brush, and floss

Fast: May work more quickly than other orthodontic methods

Flexible: Whether you’re a busy adult or on-the-go teen, it fits your lifestyle

They can treat malocclusion cases that range from mild to moderate

Up to 20 aligners are used

They require less dental visits compared to traditional braces

From £3300.00

Use our SmileView technology by clicking the link below to see what results you could achieve with Invisalign GO!