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Zoom whitening

Zoom whitening

What is zoom whitening?

Zoom whitening is a safe way to whiten your teeth in a short space of time. At Pearl Dental, we offer patients in surgery whitening which is completed by the dentist in less than 90 minutes using a product called Zoom whitening and an LED light.

Zoom in surgery whitening is a procedure which is clinically proven to whiten your teeth by up to 6 shades within 90 minutes. Zoom whitening is a popular procedure in the US and has featured on shows such as extreme makeover, the today show and E entertainment tonight.

What does the package include?

Initial assessment

4 x 15min zoom whitening – 90 min procedure

 What is the procedure?

Initial assessment to check suitability – 20 minutes

Protection of the soft tissues and gums with gels and a retraction mask

Application of gel to the teeth and use of the LED light on the teeth for 15 minutes

Removal of the gel application of a new coat of gel – this is repeated a further 2 times

Once treatment is completed removal of all of the protection materials

What is the cost?

Consultation required £42.50

Zoom whitening £395.00


Will Zoom whitening make my teeth sensitive?

99% of consumers have reported little to no sensitivity with the Zoom whitening system. However should patients feel any sensitivity after the procedure a sensitivity toothpaste would be advised to ease symptoms.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

With all whitening, nothing is permanent and teeth will change colour over time due to different factors such as diet, smoking and oral hygiene. The dentist will recommend that for the first 24 hours after whitening you do avoid food and drinks which may affect the colour of your teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine and food cooked in dark sauces. Smoking should also be avoided during this time also.

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