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Having difficulty talking while giving an important presentation or hosting a dinner can be quite embarrassing. Even more uncomfortable could be your inability to chew food properly while dining out with close friends and family.

Missing teeth can lead to such problems – luckily, dentures can help.

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Why You Need Dentures?

Dentures are a superb solution for replacing missing teeth in Bradford. Many of the top celebrities and sportspeople wear dentures today to look good and feel confident while talking.

No matter what your age, dentures can be worn by anyone. They can lighten up your smile, boost confidence, help you talk naturally and chew food properly. Since dentures support the natural structure of your face around the lips and cheek, you’ll look and feel more confident than ever.

Our expert dentists will recommend dentures that easily integrate with your jawline, improving facial aesthetics and giving you the confidence to speak and chew properly.

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Dentures FAQs

How long will it be before I get used to wearing dentures?

Your new dentures may feel a bit strange at first – however, a few weeks is all it takes. Your dentist will give you tips on how to get used to them quickly.

Does it take long to have dentures built?

Full dentures as opposed to partial ones generally take longer to build. Furthermore, adjustments may be needed to ensure that your dentures fit perfectly onto your jawline.

Do dentures last long?

Dentures will typically last you from 5-7 years, since they get worn out like natural teeth. Annual checkups are recommended to ensure that they are fitted properly and not undergoing unnecessary wear and tear.

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