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Private Fees

Private Fee List 2020

Exam including x-rays£60.00
6 month routine examination£37.50
New patient Emergency appointment£75.00
Hygienist appointment£55.00
Air flow hygienist appointment£75.00
White composite fillings from£90.00
Silver amalgam fillings from£80.00
Independent single rooted endodontic treatment£140.00
Independent pre molar endodontic treatment£170.00
Independent molar endodontic treatment£200.00
Premier single rooted endodontic treatment£260.00
Premier pre molar endodontic treatment£300.00
Premier molar endodontic treatment£350.00
Surgical extractions from£150.00
Porcelain crown from£450.00
Porcelain inlays from£450.00
Veneers from£500.00
Same day porcelain crown from£675.00
Crown recement£40.00
Fixed bridges from (per unit)£450.00
Maryland bridges from£650.00
Full dentures from (acrylic)£950.00
Partial denture 1-3 teeth from£395.00
Partial denture 4-8 teeth from£435.00
 Partial denture 9-14 teeth from£475.00
Flexi Dentures from£450.00
Chrome denture from£850.00
Denture relines from£110.00
Denture soft relines from£130.00
Denture repair£80.00
Addition of tooth to a denture£80.00
Night bite guard£175.00
Gum shields from£80.00
Boutique Home whitening£295.00
Zoom whitening£395.00
Combination whitening£550.00
Quick straight teeth 1 arch inc home whitening£1500.00
Quick straight teeth 2 arches inc home whitening£2500.00
Replacement removable retainer£145.00
Replacement bonded retainer£75.00
Inman aligner£1500.00
Clear aligners per aligner£145.00
Teeth bonding from (per tooth)£100.00