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Quick Straight Teeth (QST)

Quick Straight Teeth (QST)

What is QST?
Quick Straight Teeth is an affordable and effective way of straightening your teeth to give you the perfect smile in a relatively short space of time. The invisible braces work by only concentrating on the front 6 to 8 teeth allowing correction of mild to moderate problems. The braces work very quickly usually in under 24 weeks, making it a non-destructive and affordable way to have straighter whiter teeth
Quick Straight Teeth invisible braces system uses clear brackets, white wires and a translucent band system making the brace virtually impossible to see in the mouth. As the braces are worn for only a short space of time in comparison with traditional braces it ensures a fast-cost effective way to have straight teeth. Once treatment with the fixed brace is completed it will be necessary for you to wear a fixed retainer at all times and a removable retainer at night – there is no additional cost for the retainers.

What does the package include?
Initial QST assessment
Fitting of the brace
All review appointments
Fixed retainer once treatment is complete
Removable retainer once treatment is complete
Upper and lower home whitening trays and gel
not only will you receive straighter teeth at a quick rate you will also have a whiter smile too!

What is the procedure?
Initial assessment to check suitability – 20 minutes
• Impressions of the upper and lower arch, and pre-treatment photographs – 20 minutes
Fitting of the braces two weeks after the impression appointment – 30minutes per arch
4 weeks later adjustment appointment and review of progress. This is repeated every 4 weeks – 20min for 1 arch, 30mins for 2 arches
Once treatment is complete impressions for fixed retainer – 10 minutes
2 weeks later, removal of braces and fitting of fixed retainer. Impressions will also be taken for removable retainer and home whitening trays – 30 minutes per arch
2 weeks later fit of removable retainer and whitening trays. Final photographs will also be taken – 20 minutes

What is the cost?
Pearl Dental are offering these braces with home whitening from £1500.00 per arch or £2500.00 for both upper and lower arches.
A Quick Straight Teeth assessment is £40.00.

Is it painful?
Some patients may experience temporary, minor discomfort for the first few days at the beginning of each new stage of the quick straight teeth. This is completely normal and is actually a sign that the clear braces are working towards straightening your teeth! As your teeth gradually move, any slight discomfort typically goes after a few days. On rare occasions, patients may resort to a mild painkiller, used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I eat the same?
Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, made with metal wires and brackets, you are able to eat anything during the QuickStraightTeeth™ treatment. Naturally your teeth will be a little sensitive during any orthodontic treatment, so you should be sensible when eating “hard” foods. Also Darker food and drinks may slightly discolour the brackets. Maintaining good oral hygiene during your Quick straight teeth treatment is essential and we would recommend patients to brush and use interdental cleaning aids after each meal.
Will I need a retainer?
Yes you will. Teeth have a tendency to continually move throughout a lifetime, so the more we can do to prevent that, the better. All patients who take up the quick straight teeth braces receive a retainer with their package and therefore there is no extra charges for this.













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