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Narinder has been my dentist for many years.  She knows what a baby I am when it comes to dentistry work and was always able to make me laugh and put me at ease.  This is why this year, I finally made the decision to have it done.
I’ve had a recent bout of depression that knocked every ounce of confidence I possessed right out of me.  I decided that making some external improvements might help get some of my confidence back. I have always hated my lips, my top lip is very small and uneven and my bottom lip sticks out and makes me look sulky all the time.  My marionette lines make me look permanently sad. My budget is limited and I could only afford one procedure so after a consultation with Rachel, she suggested focusing on my top lip and using whatever product was left in my marionettes. Her enthusiasm turned my nerves into excitement, she’s a great advertisement for super results having had the procedure done herself.
Now, I’ve heard about this procedure being painful, so I was as stiff as a board reclining in the chair. I had numbing cream applied to ‘Take the edge off’ because I am a Wuss.  I explained to Narinder that I would like her to try and balance out my uneven lip if possible and she totally understood what look I wanted to achieve.
Pain wise, I was surprised that it was no worse than an injection in the gum, then you can’t feel hardly a thing after that as there is lidocaine in the product which completely numbs the area.  Easy!  Afterwards, there is some swelling for a couple of days which is to be expected, but when that subsides the results are amazing!
Narinder and Rachel had really listened to what I wanted and understood how I felt.  If you are considering having any kind of aesthetics done, it is so important that you can trust the person performing the procedure.  That person is not just sticking a needle in your face and taking your money , they need to be open and honest about what is realistically achievable and what areas of your face will give you the most noticeable results as Narinder and Rachel did with me.
I couldn’t be happier with the results  and I feel so much better about myself even though it’s only a subtle adjustment.  Having lip filler isn’t all about the young girls you see in magazines with huge unnatural glossy pouts (unless that’s the look you’re going for), for me, as a 44 yr old woman, it was about evening out a few imperfections and adding a little more volume where I needed it, which gives me a more youthful appearance.  I am so thrilled with the results and my new found confidence that I will be continuing the treatment and wouldn’t dream of letting anyone other than Narinder apply the magic.  I would definately have other procedures done at Pearl  Dental without question.